Unlike the everyday usual product lines currently available in the market-place, we specialize in bringing the most unique and scientifically advanced product lines to the market place. Products never before made available for distribution in the market-place. Partnering with us not only puts you in the driver’s seat of providing your clients with the latest and most advanced product lines, but it also gives you a solid stream of reoccurring revenue on both products and e-commerce. Join us in leading the way!


Marketing Channel

An insurance or any other license is not needed to offer our non-insurance products. Select this option to begin the process towards becoming a marketer.

Marketing Channel

An insurance, or any other license is not needed to offer our non-insurance products. However, if you are a insurance licensed marketer, we need to ensure that you are made aware of any insurance related or other license related products or regulatory matters that would impact you. Select this option to begin the process towards becoming a licensed marketer.


Unique Products

In their pursuit of solutions to address the ever-growing and challenging medical crisis in the healthcare industry today, everyday Americans and Marketers continue to seek the most advanced cutting edge-solutions. Solutions seldom made available for mass distribution or considered cost prohibitive. At BMA, we believe that medical science is not just “something for the future”, but is for the here and now! It should be available for distribution and should be used to build a foundational platform to a strong healthcare system. In this spirit, we offer the latest, most advanced and comprehensive, and exclusive healthcare solutions designed to improve the lives of our clients from all walks of life. We have taken advanced medical offerings to the NEXT LEVEL, and we invite you to partner with us in impacting the lives of as many as possible through creative and unique products.

Marketing Partners

As a BMA marketing partner, you now have the ability to offer your members unique newly developed non-insurance programs and products on the cutting edge. You can ensure that your clients will have access to the latest medical science advancements and products while you are making residual income from their membership. At BMA, we place great value on our marketing partners. We not only commit to continually develop new non-insurance products to market, but also commit to educating and supporting each partner with personalized care.

Product Affiliates

If you have created healthcare programs or products to target the needs of specialized consumers or broader consumer groups, lets build something together! We grow through the power of collaboration and welcome new ideas through partnership.

Technology Platforms

We pride ourselves on the creation of personalized advanced technology platforms that are user-centric, mobile, agile and deliver excellence in data-driven capabilities. We recognize the need for our partners to rely on technology as the foundation of their organization and excellence in delivery of products and services. Don’t let the productivity of your organization suffer due to outdated technology, allow us to analyze and create efficiency through the utilization of modern advancement.